A new family member

We welcome a new family member in our house. It’s a baby.


This is what I love with ActivityPub and the Fediverse: the federation.

Hello Hugo !

You may have noticed some turbulence recently here. Especially in the RSS stream.

Python en tête

Je le savais. Depuis maintenant 11 ans. Le temps passe vite.

Zoom-Zoom Resurrection

Pratiquement 6 mois. Enfin ! Après presque 6 mois au garage je peux enfin sereinement annoncer qu’elle est de retour et, il semble, en pleine forme.

Elliot Playing Piano

I can’t wait making music with my children. Élisabeth recently started to learn double bass.

IP-Link – Twelve years after

It is now about twelve years that I maintain IP-Link.

Shi-Tomashi corner generator available in Stegano

The new release of Stegano, v0.10.0, comes with the Shi-Tomashi corner generator.

Zoom-Zoom bobo

Disons le tout de suite, ça ne va pas bien fort pour la Mazda 6 en ce moment.

Monitor the status of several services

I am working on a small side project. It is called Guardian.