Friends From Memory

The goal of this project is to write down all friends, in the broad sense, you ever had. This lovely idea is from Derek Sivers.

It’s about:

  • your current friends;
  • childhood friends you haven’t seen since you were a kid;
  • old crushes (romantic or not);
  • teachers;
  • random encounters with great conversations;
  • … all those that made an impact.

You can do the same. You must only use your memory. The list does not necessarily need to be fixed. It’s important to keep making new friends as you get older.
You might have forgotten some, and some might have forgotten you. Remember all those people you met and connected with that made a difference in your life.

So here is the list of people who have permanently affected me. It is sorted chronologically.

  • Mathieu Stumpf
  • Fabrice Brun
  • Amandine Gross
  • Steve Goddard
  • Mickael Gerne
  • Magali Gantheil
  • Nadège Klose
  • Gilles Bourg
  • Gaëlle Doré
  • Jean-Pierre Rauch
  • Vincent Demange
  • Christophe Goessen
  • Alexandre Dulaunoy
  • Alain Vagner
  • Jean-Sébastien Sottet
  • Sascha Rommelfangen
  • Emmanuelle Michaux
  • Vanessa Naretto

Best friends, old friends, distant friends, new friends. If you’re listed, I remember you off the top of my head.

If you find this some day when Googling your name, drop me an email.

Last edited: 2023-04-27